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10 Words Add Up to $100,000 Prize in Hannibal

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Louis Mickels likes to play crossword-themed Scratchers tickets from the Missouri Lottery, a pastime that paid off to the tune of $100,000 when the 29-year-old scored one of the game’s top prizes.

“They have the most bang for your buck,” he said of the “Daily Crossword” game he purchased at Abel’s Quik Shop, 1201 Broadway in Hannibal, on Feb. 1.

Mickels scratched off the ticket while on a break at work, uncovering 10 words in the game’s puzzle to earn the top prize. But he kept news of his win quiet at first.

“I didn’t tell anybody,” he said. “I just counted the words and recounted and recounted…”

To settle his nerves, he later checked the “Prizes Remaining” information at to see how many top prizes were still available.

As he claimed his prize at Lottery headquarters in Jefferson City the next day with his wife, Jessica, Mickels said it still didn’t feel real as they looked forward to paying off debt.

The same Abel’s Quik Shop location sold a $50,000 Powerball ticket last April. That prize was claimed by George Kells of Hannibal.

In FY16, players in Marion County won more than $5.9 million in Missouri Lottery prizes.

The “Daily Crossword” Scratchers ticket began sales on Oct. 12, 2016. The $5 game still has more than $7.3 million in remaining prizes, including three more top prizes of $100,000.


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