2017-04-06 17:14:51.56

Dexter Mom Wins $100,000 With Scratchers Ticket

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With spare cash from filling up her gas tank, Kristen Vineyard of Dexter purchased a Missouri Lottery “Black Ice” Scratchers ticket, put it in her purse and forgot about it.

“I had a few dollars left over from gas. I never really play the lottery, but something told me I needed to buy a ticket,” she shared. “I kind of forgot that I bought the ticket and didn’t scratch it off until later.”

When Vineyard, 36, did get around to scratching her ticket, she uncovered the top prize of $100,000. In disbelief, she called her boyfriend with the news.

“This came at a really good time. I have a teenage daughter that needs braces,” she said. “She also just turned sixteen years old and needs a car, too.”

The stay-at-home mom also wants to start a dog breeding business and possibly take a vacation.

Vineyard purchased her winning ticket at BJ’s Kwik Shop, 623 State Highway 25 North, in Dexter.

20X Black Ice” is a new $5 game that offers the chance to win up to 15 times on a single ticket, as well as a top prize of $100,000. To date, four top prizes remain unclaimed.


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