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Introducing the Powerball & Mega Millions Scratchers Ticket!

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Scratchers already offer exciting cash prizes that can be won instantly. Now, with the new “Powerball and Mega Millions” Scratchers game, you can also win free Powerball and Mega Millions tickets! It’s the first of its kind in Missouri, combining the instant gratification of a Scratchers ticket with the thrilling chance of a jackpot win with Powerball and Mega Millions!

You can win up to $100,000 cash by playing the new $5 “Powerball and Mega Millions” Scratchers game. There’s a chance to win up to 20 times on the same ticket, along with an added feature of winning five times the prize amount shown. Even more, this game includes a Powerball or Mega Ball BONUS AREA to scratch for the chance to win a free Powerball or Mega Millions ticket for the next available drawing!

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