Lottery-Related Fraud




According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), consumers in the United States and other countries lose billions of dollars each year to telemarketers, spam emails and misleading advertisements that entice consumers into phony prize promotions, illegal foreign lottery schemes and other lottery-related fraud. Use this section to find out how you can protect yourself.

Be Alert!

Protect Yourself

Don't be fooled by fraudulent telemarketing schemes that promise "low-risk" chances in supposed high-stakes sweepstakes or lotteries. Every day, Americans are lured into buying illegal lottery tickets. Not only do victims risk losing their money, they also violate federal law. Buying or selling foreign lottery tickets is illegal in the United States. Federal law prohibits the purchasing of any ticket, share or chance in a foreign or unauthorized lottery.

Fraudulent telemarketing schemes within the United States and abroad persuade people to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on illegal lotteries and sweepstakes. These telemarketers ensure customers that they have good chances of winning or they have already won but need to send a "processing fee'' or divulge confidential information (i.e., credit card number, Social Security number) in order to receive their prize. Authorized lotteries do not require winners to pay a processing fee prior to receiving their prize or cash payments, regardless of the amount won.

Winners of Missouri Lottery prizes will NEVER be required to send money or to give personal information by phone, email or social media in order to claim their winnings.

There are a few instances that the Missouri Lottery may require the submission of personal information, which is NEVER sold, traded or otherwise distributed to third parties. These instances include:

  • Supplying a Social Security number on a Lottery-provided claim form for prizes over $600. This information is never collected over the phone or by email.

  • Verifying a winner's phone number and shipping address for prize redemption if the winner has entered promotions at MOLottery.com or one of the Lottery's social media contests and is selected as a prize winner.

Tips to Avoid Scams

  • Reject telephone, mail or Internet offers to buy a ticket or chance in another state's or country's lottery. These violate federal and state law.
  • Never give your credit card number over the phone to purchase lottery tickets. If you give your number once, additional unauthorized charges may show up on your credit card statement.
  • Do not give out the checking account numbers listed along the bottom of your check. This is an increasingly common means for con artists to obtain financial information and withdraw funds from your bank account.
  • Be very skeptical of "urgent" solicitations that require an immediate response. It's a common tactic used in scams that gives you little time to check out the offer.
  • Don't believe it if you're told or read that you are "Already a Winner!" The same notice often directs you to send money to a fraudulent operation.

Scam Graphic

In a few instances each year, a Lottery representative may contact a grand-prize winner by telephone to tell the winner that they were drawn as a promotional prize winner and to interview them for a story. At that time, however, winners are not required to provide any vital information such as Social Security numbers or banking information. The call is always followed up with a a letter and email, and the player will be able to verify that his or her name was drawn by going to the Lottery's website.

If you receive a questionable phone call or mailing, or notice a suspicious Web site, contact us at (573) 751-4050 or webmail@molottery.com, or write to:

Missouri Lottery
Security Division
P.O. Box 1603
Jefferson City, MO 65102-1603

Additionally, Missourians who receive unwanted telemarketing calls, unsolicited mail, spam email or social media messages can contact the Missouri Attorney General's Consumer Protective Division at 1-800-292-8222 or visit www.ago.mo.gov.

Sign Your Tickets

Sign Your Lottery Tickets

Identifying and safeguarding your winning Missouri Lottery tickets is easier than ever before. One of the most important things you can do is sign the back of your tickets immediately after you buy them.

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